Partner Organisations of MODI-FY

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AT: BHOE - 50 years (Burghauptmann exists for centuries) expertise in maintenance of historic buildings, looking after world famous historic buildings across Austria. BHOE has very good contacts with the National conservation agency, ministries, while also fostering good relations with responsible bodies in other European countries. BHOE has not participated in a LLP or Erasmus+ project before.
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AT: UBW is highly experienced in project management and in EU projects, as well as in developing, organising and conducting training courses and other events,. As a long-term partner of BHÖ these competences and experiences are also related to historic buildings.
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AT: The ECQA (European Certification and Qualification Association) established an EU Certificates Online Campus with online skills assessment, online exams and certifications. This knowledge and skills set necessary for project managers of historic buildings/sites will be integrated into this infrastructure and form the first Europe wide available online training for those.
IT: CUEBC - has experts on architecture, conservation and cultural heritage, combined with training skills. Another strength is the wide experience in cultural heritage and sustainable development. Dissemination activities will profit of its intense international relations network.
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UK: NT is one of the largest heritage and conservation NGOs in Europe with over 4.1m members. Over 5,000 staff and 70,000 volunteers’ main activities are the preservation and conservation of heritage assets considered to be of national importance.
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BE: Landkommanderij Alden Biesen - a state cultural, conference and seminar centre, part of the Ministry of Culture, Art & Heritage agency of the Flemish government, and is based in a historic castle with a European mission. The centre is also famous as a touristic place and for high level international cultural events: open air opera, storytelling festival etc.
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HU: MRA - a not-for-profit civil organisation, based on a successful NGO model in the UK (NECT). Its objectives are to preserve the built heritage of Hungary and contribute to its economic regeneration and civil society by example, including through demonstration projects, skills training, independent expert advice, events and publishing.
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SK: NTS is a non-governmental organisation which mission is conservation and sensible use of cultural and natural heritage of Slovakia. NTS works on its own conservation objects and sites but also provides advices, consultations and direct assistance to historical building and sites owners or administrators including local and national governments. NTS plays a significant role in revitalising communities and their historic environment.
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PT: The “Secretaria Geral da Presidência da República” is an inside office of the government, technical, non-political department, responsible for taking care of all the quotidian affairs, including maintenance, conservation, and rehabilitation of all the historical buildings belonging to the Presidency of the Republic: the “Palácio de Belém”, “Palácio da Cidadela de Cascais”, “Casa do Regalo” and part of the “Convento do Sacramento”.


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